Monday, 31 December 2007

A new year is coming, and a look-back at this blog's achievements!

A new year is upon us guys. And it can only mean one thing…


And I've written a list of ten not-so-difficult to fulfill ones here on my MySpace blog. Hope you are inspired!

Looking back, this has been an interesting year for me. Although I started the year unemployed, I have had success and have been earning my OWN money! I know I've only mentioned a little bit about employment here in August and September. I was thinking about writing about it in more detail on my MySpace blog (where I mention a recent post above). And hey, I might do so next year!

As you know, I've been to my country this year, spending time near Gračac in my mother's village and in Kistanje at my aunt's and uncle's. I spent much of that time away from a computer, which I know can be a good thing. However, at the time, I strongly felt that I spent too long without access to a computer, in particular access to the Internet. The Internet for me is a valuable source of news and information, and it does connect me with the outside world. And as you can see in this post when I managed to find internet access in the Dalmatian town of Knin, I was more than relieved!

And may I take this opportunity to apologise once again to one of my cousins I met in my mother's village this year but failed to mention in the above post! How could I have FORGOTTEN to mention that encounter???!!! Very sorry, indeed.

As one of my New Year resolutions, I hope to write more blog posts. This of course means that I hope more people will visit my blog in the new year. And with more visitors, more comments to my posts will come along! Speaking of which, keep checking out this list of blogs to which I've commented to. I'm pleased that I have such a page on my blog, so I can keep up with where I place my comments to other people's blogs by listing them on precisely such a page designated for that purpose.

So stay tuned, as they say on the telly. And…


PS: I've noticed on my Sitemeter that many people have arrived at my blog on this page dedicated to Brian Eno's iconic, ethereal and truly beautiful sountrack from Google's search engine. I'm glad that this has proven to be a great visitor grabber - not that I intended it to be! And I've also notice that this blog post of mine features in the relevant search results either on the second or first page! Therefore, I hope to find more cool ways to get hits to my site in the year to come! ;-D