Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Boris Tadić is brilliant!!!

Boris Tadić
Yesterday I watched an interview with Serbian President Boris Tadić (in the picture) on Serbian state television, Radio Television Serbia. And watching the interview gave me another chance to see what a brilliant man he is. Brilliant in the way he composes himself, brilliant in the answers he gives, all round brilliant for Serbia.

During the interview, he makes references to many issues obviously dealing with his country Serbia of which he is head of state and similar/relevant ones as well, and he also describes the conversations he had with many other politicians and their opinions. So much knowledge and political savvy, which is precisely what you'd expect from someone in his position. He is just a remarkably intelligent man. And being all of that, he is an inspiration to me, and I'm proud that he is one of us Serbs. Hey, I could even call him a modern-day Serbian symbol!

There will be a presidential election in Serbia early next year (there was a general election early this year). And I know that with being a self-proclaimed Anarchist I don't believe in voting other people in and thus allowing them to make decisions for your lives, and of course, I won't be voting (besides, I can't; I ain't a citizen of Serbia, let alone registered on the electoral roll!). But I've got to say when it comes to him, I wouldn't mind hearing Boris Tadić being called "President of Serbia" for another four years to come.

Here you can watch it online hosted by RTS website. The interview is in Serbian, or as I like to call it, Serbo-Croat! :-P


Srebrenica Genocide said...

I would have to agree with you Alan. Boris Tadic is a moderate politician and Serbia needs more people like him.

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Anonymous said...

how valid is serb assumption that albanians on kosovo wld have separated from serbia and eventually joined albania unless serbia preempted it with abolition of the autonomy and setting up a police state there?

i suggest that such a state, if obtained, wld have not received world de jure recognition. with no recognition and probable imposition of sanctions, the leadership might have been forced to go to bargaining table.

but if that scenario was most likely one to come about, why unilateral abrogation of an autonomy?
and one that seemed on par which magyars of slovakia and romania have now?

from this, i conclude that serb leadership simply did not want that many albanians on kosovo; it, to had to be purified just like parts of bosnia and croatia.
or? they were that stupid??? tnx bozhidar baljkas from sibenik