Saturday, 8 September 2007

Shall I be specific?

Yesterday I heard that one of my relatives is a little upset that I made no mention of her in my blog post on Gračac. It's a first cousin of mine. She read the post in question, but was disappointed that I didn't make any mention of her.

She came to Podkosa in Štikada from Slovenia with her mother to visit us, ie. to see her father and grandmother, and to also see her half-sister whom she saw before and her children (whom I DO mention in the above post!) and me and my mother.

Yes, I forgot to mention that!


I personally enjoyed her company; she's a very smart young woman who can speak Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, English and German. And I hope we'll meet each other again.

I hope she forgives me now!

PS: I do not mention any of my relatives by name on this blog at all. It's my way of maintaining their privacy.

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