Friday, 14 December 2007

My comments to other blogs!

I think I should catalogue all the comments I've made to other blogs. So here they are, and I shall be updating this page regularly.

I shall arrange them in years and try to arrange them in order of the time of year they were posted in and as a list of blogs I've contributed to:

Note: As this page is devoted to comments I make at other blogs, it does not, as a rule, list comments I write on this my own blog!

By Year:



  1. One of my earliest comments went to the Neretva River blog, which you can only access these days if you're invited! AAAAAAGGHHH!!!

    The blog is run by a man named Kris, who has commented regularly on the current affairs of the Former Yugoslavia for quite a long time there.

  2. Another of my earliest comments is found under this article about nationalism, politics and stereotypes at the Anegdote blog run by fellow Serb Dejan in America. You'll find my comment under "Alan" there.

  3. I added a comment to this article about Serbia's victory in the Eurovision song contest this year. The blog post is by my namesake Alan Kočević, who writes how offensive the three finger salute is on his GENOCIDE IN BOSNIA blog. He comes from Srebrenica, and his very grandfather perished in that awful atrocity. He lives in Sweden today.

  4. I added a comment to this article on the Americans For Bosnia blog run by Kirk Johnson. In that post, and in a series of of related posts, he extensively criticizes a book revising the recent history of the break-up of Yugoslavia. My comment there was a response to a rather insensitive and reckless comment above. Sorry guys, but I don't pull any punches when it comes to certain issues.

  5. On the Belgrade 2.0 blog, I added a comment here to their article about the Gorski Vijenac movie (under "Alan") in early June, and here regarding the death of Belgrade mayor Nenad Bogdanović (under "Alan Jaksic") at the end of September.

  6. Global Voices contributer Veronica Khokhlova mentioned my post about my trip to Gračac in this post. As you will see, I left a comment under that post since I was pleased that someone mentioned my blog like that somewhere for all to see. The contributer has since mentioned other posts I've written here on my blog on Global Voices Online. Hey, I enjoy the attention my blog receives on the net!

  7. When looking at the details of my Sitemeter account one day, I found that one visitor came to my site from Molly'sBlog. And so, I added a comment here to which MollyMew, a.k.a. Pat Murtagh who runs the blog, replied to.

  8. On the LimbicNutrition Weblog run by Jonathan Davis, I added a comment to his blog post about Michael Palin's programme on Serbia in his series of trips around Eastern Europe for the BBC, including new EU member states and aspiring ones, called Michael Palin's New Europe.

    I watched the series in question, and was never failed by his poor pronunciation of foreign names and words!

  9. At the famous Balkan Baby blog run by Ed Alexander, who lived in Zagreb for two years and has travelled widely around the former Yugoslavia and speaks our language very well. I added a comment here in his artcle about Zagreb, two here, and a number of comments here in his article about Belgrade.

    Here where I got into a spot of bother, unfortunately, engaging in polemics about the Serbo-Croat language and whether Serbian and Croatian is one language or not! Ed later wrote this article concerning the language issue, to which I also added a few comments.

  10. I responed to this article on the Albanian Reality Check blog by an American with pro-Albanian sympathies about right-wing Conservatives in America being somewhat pro-Serb and Anti-Abanian.

    The writer even responded to my comment to his post with an entire blog post of his own! What an honour! I added a comment to that post too.

  11. I added two comments to this post from the BOB FROM BROCKLEY run by a guy called Bob from Brockley! I realised that he transcribed the list of blogs beginning with "B", where you will find my blog mentioned, from this post from Molly'sBlog (mentioned above), where I also added a comment.

  12. Under this blog post about Kosovo on the Bosnia Vault blog run by Shaina, I introduced myself (shameless advertising!) and added a link to my article concerning Kosovo and a link to another article of mine about my people, the Croatian Serbs.

  13. At the famous Srebrenica Genocide blog run by a Bosniak calling himself "Daniel" in Canada, I posted my comment to an article looking at a Serbian newspaper falsely representing certain mass grave photographs.

    I had been meaning to write to the editor of that blog for some time. So I found the opportunity then!

    I also commented on this article about a Srebrenica Genocide denier.

Altogether, I left 47 comments on other people's blogs in 2007. This number, however, does not include the 3 deleted comments (I deleted them!) in this Balkan Baby post, and the circa 3 comments I posted to the Neretva River Blog. I cannot access those comments I made to that blog, since I'm not one of those "elite" individuals invited to read it!


  1. Started the new year of comments by wishing a fellow blogger (namely Bob from Brockley mentioned above in "2007") a happy new one! Afterall, I had to return the favour! ;-)

  2. I notified Ed at Balkan Baby mentioned above, about a mistake in his article on Carla Del Ponte. The mistake was with regards to one of the people the Hague tribunal convicted for persecution during the war in Croatia. I also added a self-correction too! I then added a couple of responses to two anti-Serb comments, and later I responded to a much nicer comment.

    I added one more explaining my opinion on a particular issue. And I answered another commentator four times who was questioning me regarding this post I wrote at this blog. This makes 10 comments under one post!

  3. I added my comment here to Belgrade 2.0 regarding rumours of George Clooney and Sharon Stone organising a protest against a unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo.

    I wrote about this issue here after news of it came out, and here after it turned out to be false.

  4. At the 'Scuse my French... blog, I added a comment notifying other commentators that rumours of George Clooney & co. organising a protest against Kosovo's independence were not true. I had to add another comment to remind people of that, 'cause it looked like it didn't sink in!

  5. I left two comments at the Bosnia Vault regarding Bosnian Serb Savo Heleta and reconciliation.

  6. Left my comment here at Belgrade 2.0 with links to two of my 2008 Presidential Elections pages.

  7. Left a long comment at the Anegdote blog at this page and a shorter one here commenting on the picture.

  8. At the Reluctant Dragon blog edited by a guy called Marko in Belgrade, I left an approval under this post.

  9. I responded to a writer/commentator at Global Voices online about recent history regarding Kosovo.

  10. Again at Balkan Baby, two comments about Kosovo Serbs and Dr. Vojislav Koštunica.

  11. I left another comment at Global Voices Online under a about my recent on Kosovo, following the unilateral declaration of independence by its Albanian leaders.

  12. Left three comments at the Srebrenica Genocide Blog: the first one expressing my disagreement with the blog's editor's interpretations of the violence in Belgrade in response to Kosovo's declaration and other historical and contemporary issues; the second one in response to the editor's response to my comment; and the third one to another commentator.

  13. A Greek Anarchist blogger called Katsigaros left a comment at my blog here, and I replied to him at his blog under this article on CO2 emissions along with help on HTML!

  14. I left two comments under this blog post on Arti i te Jetuarit, an Albanian blog by an Albanian woman called Alidea in Albania. She left a comment under this Kosovo article of mine. So being the gentlemen that I am, I knew I had to reply! :-)

  15. Showed my support for the female candidate for Belgrade mayor at Belgrade 2.0.

  16. Replied to blogger Milan from Subotica on his Suicide city blog here after I noticed that he posted a comment under this post of mine.

  17. Left a comical/sarcastic comment on fellow Gračac woman Dragana's blog.

  18. This article on the Srebrenica Genocide blog reports how a group on Facebook called NOZ ZICA SREBRENICA, which was glorifying the murder of Bosnian Muslims and other Muslims, was shut down by Facebook's administrators. After reading about it, and since I have my own Facebook account, I joined the CLOSE GROUP NOZ ZICA SREBRENICA group, which helped get rid of the first such group, to report to Facebook the second such group that has again appeared on the social networking site.

  19. I left a comment in answer to Sarah Franco, the editor of the Café Turco blog, on the Srebrenica Genocide blog.

Altogether, I left 35 comments on other people's blogs.


  1. I expressed my condolences to the late Dr. Nedret Mujkanović and his family on the Srebrenica Genocide blog. His death was suicide (he hung himself), and his wife Jasminka found his lifeless body, which struck a chord in me.

  2. I left two more comments in response to two previous comments on the same page on the Srebrenica Genocide blog I had previously left a comment on last year, and then I left two more responses.

5 comments for that year.


  1. I left a comment at the BETWEEN THE WORLDS blog, under a post regarding freedom of speech versus spreading hate speech.

  2. On my Sitemeter, I noticed that someone entered my site from this blog post on the The Last Psychiatrist blog. Someone was criticising someone for "soiling" (!) Anarchism as a brand, calling upon that person to "make sense" when discussing Anarchism, ending his comment with a link to this blog. So of course, I left a comment of gratitude to that person, with the hope of seeing comments by himself very soon!

    Someone later replied to that comment of mine, prompting me to give another response!

  3. I found Rastko Pocesta's blog L'Infinie vie. He is a young advocate for human rights in Serbia, who has received attention for his pro-Western views but also for having to put up with Serb nationalists' threats. And I added a lengthy comment on this blog post in response to his "Ja sam SRBIN, ali..." points. (Unfortunately, that blog post has been removed by the author! My mistake; it's still there!)

  4. I added a comment of condolence for the late Biljana Kovačević - Vučo on Rastko Pocesta's blog post in her memory.

  5. Commended a good article by American lawyer Mark Vlasic about Slobodan Milošević, against whom he helped prepare the prosecution's case at The Hague Tribunal, on the Srebrenica Genocide blog here.

  6. Had a frank discussion with Daniel at the Srebrenica Genocide blog, regarding Serbo-Bosniak relations, Ottoman history, and finally forgiveness! 4 comments by myself.

  7. Again at Srebrenica Genocide blog, I conveyed my appreciation for Daniel's consideration for myself and other Serbs.

  8. I found a blog that has quoted an extract of my article Being a British Serb - living in contrariety. The blog is called Serbia’s Ambassador To The World run by Karl Haudbourg, and you can find my comment here, where you can also see that my article has received 4 "tweets" on twitter! Way to go!

  9. My take on Daniel's comment here.

  10. On Radio Slobodna Evropa's website ('Radio Free Europe' in Serbo-Croat), I found out that Rastko Pocesta, the young Serbian human rights activist mentioned above, took part in the 2010 Srebrenica Peace March, commemorating the flight of Bosniak Muslim men from the former UN-protected zone in 1995. Due to his young age, only 12, he was accompanied by the president of Women in Black ('Žene u crnom'), a Serbian anti-war organisation that actively opposed Slobodan Milošević's criminal régime. Since the article is in Serbo-Croat, I offered my support to the young man in our language (see in the comments section under the article).

14 comments so far.


  1. Left a humorous recommendation to a blog post from the previous year about a former Serbian minister of health at

  2. Commented on an article about the nature of the Bosnia war at Politics, Re-Spun by fellow Anarchist Jasmin Mujanović from Bosnia now living in Canada.

  3. Commented on an article about Srebrenica and the Bosnian war by Hassaan, originally from Pakistan, currently living in Slovenia.

  4. Commented via my Facebook account on an article about Serbian nationalism at Global Post, and how it creates followers among Serbia's disaffected youth.

  5. Responded to an intense response — or polemic — to my article I'm a Croatian Serb! on the General Mihailovich blog.

  6. Added my comment of commendation under a very good article about Belgrade's upcoming Pride Parade and LGBT issues in Serbia on the W!LD RooDTeR blog, run by communications consultant Marcus Agar.

  7. Left a comment on a post about my blog on a3yo, a blog with news on Anarchism in Eastern Europe.

12 comment so far.

Be sure to visit this page often, as the list will grow!


Srebrenica Genocide said...

Hi, I have approved your comment at Srebrenica Genocide Blog. I won't be able to respond for a couple of days, but I will respond. Thanks for constructive comments.


Peshkatari said...


Falemnderit/Hvala for the kindly mention of my blog and our dialogue there! Again, I have to say that it was refreshing to have a conversation with a person who is Serbian, but is NOT a Nationalist, and who does not resort to disingenuity in their arguments (and yes, as I've said before, I know not all Serbs are like that at all, but most of the ones who've made comments to my blog have been, unfortunately.... :( ), but instead is reasonable, does not try to deny accepted facts, and tries to look at things in a "two-eyed" fashion. Even though we may not agree on everything (and who says we have to?), I always find your blog a pleasure to read. (I've been meaning to comment on some other things you've written too, BTW, but my Father passed away earlier in the month, and as the only child, that means that I'm his sole heir and executor, which as you can guess means I've been running my arse off the past few weeks, and will probably be doing so for months to come.)

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, Alen, I never removed your comment, maybe just a technical error or something. ;)

Anonymous said...

No, Alen, I am quite sure I never deleted your comment, nor any other comment on that post. Maybe just a technical error or something.

Kind regards and best wishes,


Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Pozdravljam te Rastko! Srbiji su potrebni mladi ljudi poput tebe da postane bolje društvo za sve ljude koji žive u njoj, i uspješnija zemlja kojoj bi se svak na Balkanu moga' iskreno div'ti, zato samo tako nastavljaj! I navrati se amo kad god želiš i slobodno dodaj svoj komentar pod člancima na ovom mom blogu!

Što se tiče moga komentara pod onijem člankom na tvom blogu, čini mi se da si poništio cjelu tu stranicu, to est "blog post". Jer kad odeš na taj link, vidio bi ovu poruku u ćirilici:

„Страница није пронађена
Жао нам је, страница коју сте тражили на блогу L'Infinie vie не постоји“

Zato sam i pisa' "Unfortunately, that blog post has been removed by the author!", i takođe "Minus one comment on a now-deleted post…".

Inače, osjećaj se slobodno da dodaš bilo koji komentar pod ijednijem člankom tu.


Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Rastko, pogrešio sam. U pravu si bio: ta stranica idalje postoji, takođe i moj komentar pod tijem člankom. Ja sam napravio grešku kod html-a te poveznice, i zato mi se pojavljivala poruka „Страница није пронађена…“. Moja greška, svatio sam!

Anonymous said...

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