Wednesday, 8 August 2007


That is, finally got access to the internet! Sigh!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I've spent the entire month of July, for better or for worse, without even touching a computer!!!!!

Well, I'm writing to you from Knin (go to Wikipedia to find out about the history et al.). I've spent time in both Štikada near Gračac and Kistanje. I and my mother flew to Zadar Airport and was taken to her native village of Štikada in the evening. We spent two weeks there, then we went to my, well, dear Kistanje :-) and spent five days there. Then we returned to Štikada, often travelling to nearby Gračac. We spent pretty much the rest of July there. And then we returned to Kistanje, and that's where I am now staying.

Hopefully, if I can get internet access again!, I will elaborate on my stay in these two places.

Nevertheless readers, keep visiting!

PS: If anybody has been sending me email to my hotmail account (the one you can find on my profile on the right of my blog, "so_simple_with...") recently, ie. July and early August time and I haven't replied, it's probably because they have gone into the the Junk E-Mail section, which keeps such emails only for 5 days. And like I said, I have been away from the internet for a very long time. Now I have reduced the level of protection, so send your emails again and now just be patient.

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