Friday, 18 April 2008

Another catch-up!

Sorry for not writing in over a month!

I'm spending much of my internet time on the Gračac forum (link on the left) and have only been checking my Sitemeter profile to check the number of visits to this blog and page views. I have done some editing on the Who am I? page, though.

Also, I've noticed that my eyes are hurting more the longer I'm on the computer. Me and my dad have changed the position of my computer at least a couple of times. But, nevertheless, if I stay for too long, they hurt. Therefore, I need to spend much less time on the comp!!!

Still, back to the Balkans. Kosovo Albanian politician and former KLA fighter Ramush Haradinaj was found not guilty of crimes against humanity by the Hague Tribunal this month. This news was not taken well in Serbia, as was Naser Orić's acquittal of many charges a couple of years ago (Orić was nevertheless convicted of failing to prevent the murder and inhumane treatment of Serb prisoners).

Also, a few famous Ex-Yu people died recently: Janez Drnovšek, Slovenian president, died aged 57 in February; Boris Dvornik, Croatian actor from Split, starred in famous series like Velo Misto and films, died aged 68 in March; Staniša Stošić, Serbian singer from the Vranje region, famous for singing many beautiful Serbian songs from his home region, died aged 63 this month.

Next month, Serbia will go through another general election! AAAAAARRRGGHHH!!!

See ya!


Eteocretan said...

It's good to see and other Anarchists in the Balkans.

Greetings from Greece.

Anonymous said...

Don't spend too much time at the computer but you should get your eyes checked.