Thursday, 14 June 2007

I've been added on Anarchoblogs!!!!!!

Yep, the Balkan Anarchist is one of many anarchists now! Make a visit to Anarchoblogs and you will see a link to this blog of mine on the alphabetical right hand side "Anarchist Blogers" list (only one "g"!).

With regards to who I am, my name's Alan. I come from the Balkans - hence, Balkan Anarchist. I hope to bring the Balkans and Anarchism together here in this blog, and you'll be able to read a bit more about me and about my views in this earlier post (it's a delightful read!).

I must give thanks to Evan, who notified me earlier on via email about the addition of my blog to the list. And finally, for all of you visitors to Anarchoblogs, just come along to my blog here and feel free to leave comments anywhere in this blog, ask questions, and impart your own unique views of the world through your anarchistic prisms or any other prism you choose to look through!

All the best to you, my fellow Anarchists!

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