Monday, 18 June 2007

HELP ME OUT Anarchoblogs readers!!!

Anarchists, why does my blog entry look like this on Anarchoblogs (see pic below, if you can)? IE, with no spaces between the paragraphs and all that html that doesn't work.

Help me out!

And why does the secondary link (where it says "A Future Trip and a Review of the Past" to the right of "Balkan Anarchist" at the top of this screenshot) as you can see have this weird ass link that leads you to a dead end (, though this link does work when you click on it on this page)?

Thanks Anarchists!


William said...

Anarchoblogs mashes my feed too. I'm pretty sure it's a Blogger thing, given which feeds turn into unrecognizable shit.

Anarchoblogs is homegrown and probably built on standards. Blogger is a corporate and an 800 pound gorilla, so it does what it wants, standards-be-damned, under the assumption that the industry will have to oblige it.

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Hello there, William!

I have been to your Human Iterations blog a number of times before. And I like this: Political commentary grounded in the last legitimate discourse on morality: Anarchism. Great blog!

OK, every feed is difeerent. But don't be so anti-corporate as to not see the beauty of!