Sunday, 13 May 2007

A little introduction and some of my intentions

My name is Alan Jakšić (pronounce "yack-shich"). And as you can see from my profile, I come from Croatia and I'm living in England. At the moment, I'm finishing a course in NVQ Front Office/Reception Level 2. I will be posting some pictures of myself in the near future.

I've been meaning to establish a blog expounding my anarchistic beliefs (see the name of my blog!) since well back in 2006 - last year, when I basically discovered the ideology of Anarchism. And being from the Balkans, I bring the two things together here!

So my political beliefs are basically these:

  • I don't believe in states - I've stopped believing in them last year!
  • I generally don't agree with voting to elect people to make decisions for you for four-to-five years, since doing so is a form of acquiescence (or to put it in Serbo-Croatian, dati nekome da ti upravlja kućom za određeno vrijeme),
  • I am also critical of Representative Democracy, as you can tell from the above point, and don't believe it should be promoted as the ideal or norm,
  • I don't agree with centralised governments that are by their nature so far removed from ordinary people, in particular from communities in more far-flung regions/areas of a given country,
  • I think too much blood has been spilt creating states and borders, and
  • I do not believe in Nationalism and I am appalled by the extreme forms of hatred that can be seen in the Balkans, in particular from the Former Yugoslavia where I come from.

If there is anything else you want to know about me or my policial beliefs, feel free to leave comments at the end of my posts.

Also, have a look at my YouTube account here, as in the future I will hopefully be creating Video logs of myself and even films.

Thanks for reading!


wockley said...

I'd like to follow your blog. Interesting stuff. Wheres the 'click to follow icon'?


wockley said...

Found it!! Hey!!

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Hi Paul, feel free to comment wherever you like on my blog. I hope we will have some enjoyable conversations here! :-)