Monday, 25 June 2007

Evo mene, doćiću ti, Liko!

Doćiću ti, aman, preko zraaaakaaaa!!!

Hehe! That was a bit of a sing song!

Well today's the day - though I'm writing this in the early morning - when I'll be going to the homeland. Oh! I haven't been there last year, and I wish I was. I will get to see my grandmother. Like I said in my post from the 17th of this month, she's old and she wants to see us, me and my mum, her daughter. Hopefully, I will get access to a computer in my hometown and I will be able to relate you how it will have gone!

Politically speaking, Serbia's president Boris Tadić has apologised to Croatia for crimes committed against Croats by Serbs. He made this landmark apology on a TV interview on Croatian Radio-Television.

Reactions vary between both Serbs and Croats amongst themselves. Among Serbs, there are those who see it as an honorable gesture and are proud of him for doing so and others who condemn it, citing Serbian victimhood. While among Croats, there are those who welcome the apology and those who are cynical and rejective.

Me personally. Initially, I was not happy about the Serbian president apologising to Croatia, since I don't believe in the concept of collective guilt. I oppose it because it offends me and many others of various nationalities who oppose war crimes and the ideology and/or ideologies that make it possible for them to be committed. I read through very negative comments from some Croats* about it on (in the cynical and rejective vein mentioned above). But having seen the numerous positive comments coming from Serbs themselves* on the B92 site, I am rather uplifted.

His goodwill gesture does show how much responsiblity he is willing to take on, given his position as head of state, and I do believe that he is genuine in what he says.

Here is what he said:

I extend my apologies to all the citizens of Croatia who suffered because of what the members of my nation have done, for which I take responsibility," Tadić said in an interview with the Croatian state television.

* Both links are in Serbo-Croatian.

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Bg anon said...

I think the apology is ok. I mean I'm not a great fan of apologies but this will probably help more than hurt and it didnt cost anybody anything.

My main objection to apologies stems from the fact that some are not genuine, others are from those who have nothing to apologise for and who apologise in the name of those who are distinctly unapologetic - even when they should be.

Tadic is generally a good sort though. He likes to lead doing these types of things. You can be confident that he wont overstep the mark on these type of issues.