Thursday, 31 May 2007

One more post for this month! ;-)

Hi there readers!

Well, it's been a month of sorts. I started this blog. Very good! Serbia spectacularly WON!!! the Eurovision song contest fair and square, NO doubt about it! No more practical work for my college course, in fact, it will be finishing soon next month!

And as for June, I will be travelling to Croatia!!! YIPPEEEE!!!

That's all ... for now! Hehe...


Bg anon said...

Hello! Well it looks like we have a few opinions in common so its likely we will be doing a little discussing here and there.

Please feel free to participate over at the Belgrade Blog or at my own blog at B92. There will likely be a lot of crossover in the subjects discussed.

Anyway, debate soon.

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Well hello there bg anon!

I am very glad and pleased to see someone finally leave a comment under a blog entry of mine!

It's good to hear that you share some of my opinions. I would like to hear about them some time.

Therefore, feel free to leave as many comments wherever you like!

All the best!

observer said...

Hey Alan!

I'm sure there will be alot more commentators to come!