Friday, 25 May 2007

Hi there!

Any of you visiting my blog - if there is anyone - as you can see, I haven't been updating by blog lately. Been busy with other things, like my college course, which I will finish soon. I've been doing practical work these past months at the college, in the café and restaurant area. Cashier work and sometimes tidying up at the till in the café; welcoming guests at the door, computer work behind the reception and dealing with guests' coats and helping them with their coats in the restaurant.

Today - rather Thursday the 24th, since where I am it's early Friday morning, the 25th - I worked in the restaurant at lunch during noon and the afternoon and at dinner in the evening. And tomorrow - or rather, today (see above) - I'll work again in the restaurant at lunch for the final time.

I'll be writing more soon, and I hope more people will visit my blog, and actually leave comments!!!

It's quarter to two, and I should be going to bed.

So, all the best to anyone reading this!

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