Sunday, 13 May 2007

Hello and welcome to my Blog!

Dobar Dan/Добар дан! Dober dan! Добър ден/Добар ден! Mirëdita! Bună Ziua! Kushti/Lacho Divvus! Buon Giorno! Καλημέρα! İyi günler! Jó reggelt!

I hope you all understood! :D

EDITED: 11th MARCH 2008


Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

I added the Slovenian and Romany forms in (the Slovenian form is between the Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian forms, while the Romany form is between the Romanian and Italian forms).

How could I forget that the Slovenian form is slightly diferrent from the Serbo-Croatian form?! And I should've added the Romany form long before.

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Oh, and I added the Macedonian form beside the Bulgarian form.