Friday, 1 April 2011



If you've read somewhere about British Serbs being "the worst offenders when it comes to calling in sick during the year", and if you've even seen "figures" showing 19,000 Serbs each year skiving off work, then be under no illusion that it was a JOKE!

There’s no such thing as “ethnic sick leave”, the BuDWaLUa quango or its “chief executive” Dirk Bena! And the table showing those figures comparing Serbs with Scots, Irish, Welsh and Italians, is FALSE! None of it's true; it's a JOKE!

Personal admission: I came up with BuDWaLUa as the quango’s acronym, basing it on the Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian word budala, meaning “fool”! As for the chief executive’s name Dirk Bena, his surname is based on a dialectal word from Lika and the surrounding regions bena, likewise meaning fool; however, I chose his first name based on its similarity to an even ruder word – but you don’t have to worry yourselves about it! ;-) And finally, statistics, damn statistics! The table showing those figures comparing Serbs with other ethnic groups was invented by me! It is ALL an April Fools' joke!

However, the truth is – this is the truth, honestly! – there really is a magazine called Britić, which caters for the UK’s ethnic Serb population. Its chief editors really are called Stan Smiljanić and Aleks Simić. And it was Stan who “briefed” me on the details of this plan for the magazine’s April Fools’ joke, which I gladly took part in! Svaka ti cast, Stane!

So, once again…


Anonymous said...

a što njes' odma tako reka, kuč'ca te ujela dabogda! JMS (je*a mater svoju).;->

Alan Jakšić said...

E ma čo'eče, el' moraš tako psovati tu, VTO (vrag te odera')! :-P

Owen said...

April Fools are like a minefield - there's an inevitable risk of violent explosions if you put a foot wrong!