Saturday, 13 October 2007

What's been happening this October

I haven't been discussing the recent events much, have I? Hence this catch up.

At the beginning of this month, six restored Serbian houses in the villages Donje Ceranje and Pristeg near the town of Benkovac suffered significant damage caused by youths. Donje Ceranje also happens to be the native village of Milorad Pupovac, the leader of the Serbian minority's main party in Croatia, the Indepenent Democratic Serb Party. Read about it here in Serbo-Croat from HRT, and here in English from B92.

Here's something for animal lovers. Some sixty Lipizzanzer horses that where transferred to Serbia from Croatia at the beginning of the war in the latter country in 1991 have been returned.

There has been recent unrest in the Muslim community of the Serbian region of Sandžak as to whether their religious centre should be based in Serbia or in Sarajevo, the capital of nearby Bosnia. Read about it here and here.

This story is about Kosovo Albanian asylum seekers being denied it in Austria, and this article explains how over a thousand people mainly from the Green party demonstrated against the deportation of that faimly.

And this is about a moderate police chief who got murdered at the beginning of the war in Croatia by extremists (this time from the Croatian side) intent on escalating tensions.

B92 is a good resource! ;-)

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