Friday, 22 February 2013

Gračac through Street View!

For a long time, all I and other Gračani in the diaspora could get was a bird's eye view of our hometown of Gračac in Lika, Croatia, not to mention how the zoomed in satellite images were rather blurred.

But now you can see it through Google Maps' Street View feature wherever you are! Just type "Gracac" and pick "Gračac, Croatia" from the list. You will first notice how this time, the zoomed in satellite images are in the highest definition ever! And along with that, you can drag the orange man on the left, under the compass, onto any street in town, and even on roads outside town (like the road to Knin), to see Gračac and its stunning surroundings in marvellous and breath-taking Street View! Milina!

PS: Check out the garavuša (i.e. dark-haired lady) on the bridge! ;-)

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