Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Activist Post: Anarchist Utopia

Activist Post: Anarchist Utopia, by Milo Nickels

This is an interesting review of what the word Anarchy means and what Anarchism stands for. The writer Milo Nickels does an honourable job dispelling the myth that Anarchy is synonymous with "chaos", for which I, as a self-proclaimed Anarchist, take my hat off to him. However, Milo does go on to remind the reader that Anarchy is an "impossibility" due to "human nature", which he describes as being "fraught with greed, aggression, lust, and ignorance". Nevertheless, I particularly like these paragraph:

Although the vast majority of societal ideals [including Anarchism] and visions of utopia [like Anarchy] are unobtainable, simply because they are bound by human nature, this does not mean that we should stop striving for those societal ideals or seeking those utopias. Just as we will never wipe out all racism, all terrorism, all poverty, or all greed, we will never be able to eliminate all government. But the grim reality that we can never be perfect, should not stop us from striving as a people to be better. We can always have less racism, less terrorism, less poverty, less greed, and less government.

The real road to achieving an anarchist utopia is not through violence, disrespect, and chaos. All of these activities only lead to more government. An entirely free society, where government is no longer necessary, can only exist where people respect one another, accept responsibility, treat each other fairly, and have compassion for their fellow man. In short: we don't need government if humans are humane. [My emphasis in bold and underline]

Here is the link again: Activist Post: Anarchist Utopia, by Milo Nickels


Anonymous said...

Nice posts by both you and Milo Nickels. Overcoming egoism (not that I get very far with that!) means being aware that what is important as far as everyday life is concerned is knowing what direction we're travelling in rather than being certain precisely where we're going to arrive. (And then I remind myself that "direction of travel" is an expression that came into common use under the last government).

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Owen, it's a shame blogger.com doesn't allow you to click "Like" next to a comment like Facebook does!

Anonymous said...

Blogger is cumbersome but not world-eating like Facebook!