Monday, 31 May 2010

The three best pictures of the year

Here we go!

Four presidents (left-to-right): Ivo Josipović, Haris Silajdžić, Filip Vujanović, Boris Tadić (Photo from Getty Images)

Four presidents (left-to-right): Ivo Josipović, Haris Silajdžić, Filip Vujanović, Boris Tadić (Photo from Fonet)

Four presidents (left-to-right): Ivo Josipović, Haris Silajdžić, Filip Vujanović, Boris Tadić (Photo from Tanjug)

Nuff said!


Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Pictures taken from these links (in order of appearance on blog post):

Photo from Getty Images

Tadić regionu: Navijajte za Srbiju! | Mondo

RTS :: Zapadni Balkan na putu ka EU

Sam said...

I Don't know why is it such a beautiful picture lol, its nothing but politician shaking hands for their own interest. Its not like the people of those countries get anything out of it.And Haris the Bosniak member of the Presidency is a true A-hole(excuse my french). The Croatian president he is just got elected by Croatia. He does come from the socialist party,and I think Socialist are the only reasonable politicians in the region,strange right!!. And Boris just like Haris. The only politician I like from the Region is Zeljko Komsic he is the Croat member of Bosnian Presidency.

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Well, I chose those pictures for their symbolic value: they send a message of cooperation between the four countries and of reconciliation. And I was delighted when I saw that handshake broacast on TV.

You say that Haris Silajdžić is an "A-hole", Boris Tadić is "just like Haris". Why do you have such a low opinion of these two? I think that they're both trying to represent their countries as best as they can.

You say your favourite politician is Željko Komšić, the ethnic Croat member of Bosnian Presidency. I think he's a decent guy too, and I remember that he helped a Bosniak family not long ago (can you remember that?). And on his Predsjednikov blog, I notice that his blog posts can receive dozens to over a hundred comments!

But do you think he receives popular support among all Bosnian Croats? I know that he fought in the Bosnian army during the war, and that he calls his language "Bosnian" rather than "Croatian". So I understand that Croat nationalists in Bosnia don't support him, am I right?

Sam said...

Well I understand choosing the photo because it looks symbolic. But the politician lately in the regions have been shaking hands since Dayton and nothing really has improved.

And for Boris and Haris they represent they own interest.Haris talks so much about Serbs and Bosniaks I think he forgot to serve Bosnia.And Boris says one thing does everything,in Kosovo he has done nothing but still talks a strong game, and he says he has no support of R.S getting referendum but mentions R.S more then Bosnia like R.S is a Country.And he still hast recognized Genocide in Srebrencia

And for Zeljko Komsic he is the only one in the Presidency thats for Bosnia and the Bosnian people. To him it doesn't matter who is what he fights for the interest of his country and party.And No he does not get support from all Bosnian Croats because not all believe in what he does and thats a unified Bosnia.but I think he is what the country needs someone need. and yeah he calls it Bosnian he is from Sarajevo

You see after the war many Bosnian Croats specially politicians not much the average citizen.All of sudden changed their speech and words so they can look and sound more "CROATIAN" using words they never have used, like "TOCHNO",tisuca,glazba and so on.
the Irony is many of Boosniaks in Krajna region use Croatian words before the Bosnian Croats did in Herzegovina and Central Bosnia. As my Uncle always said "why don't the Croatian speak like Bosnian Croats".

nl said...

Mir mir mir NIKO nije kriv...

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Zdravo nl. Zašto kažete „Mir mir mir NIKO nije kriv...“?

Sam said...

jednostavno... niko nije kriv lol.i samo mir nam treba