Saturday, 24 May 2008

Elections, Elections, EUROVISION!!!!!!

I haven't been writing much recently. I know.

Of course, there was another election in Serbia recently. It has been said that voting has become a national pasttime in Serbia! Boris Tadić's Democratic Party did very well, but the pro-Europe parties, among which are parties representing Serbia's various ethnic minorities, did not win enough seats in the national parliament to form a majority in government!

But I'm much more interested in the Eurovision Song Contest that Serbia is presenting this year! As you remember from only a year ago when I started this blog, Serbia won last year's Eurovision in Helsinki with Marija Šerifović's song Molitva! This year, Serbia's entry will be Oro sung by the lovely Jelena Tomašević along with flutist Bora Dugić, and who knows, we might win it again!

I am already impressed with what Serbia is offering for this year's Eurovision! I'm really happy for Serbia, and other media have noticed how the Serbs are doing a great job of showing themselves in a good light. I like the presenters of this year's show Željko Joksimović and Jovana Janković (see her Chickipedia page). Both are glamorous, pristine and buzzing with confidence and positivity! In fact, this year's entries are full of glamorous women, like Greece's American-born Kalomoira with Secret Combination, and the Ukraine's Ani Lorak, who's singing Shady Lady! Yikes!

But I do like Britain's song Even if sung by ex-binman and X-Factor contestant Andy Abrahams! And I like Israel's song Ke'ilo Kan (The Fire in your eyes) by Boaz Mauda.

Unfortunately, three songs I liked didn't make it pass the semi-finals. Specifically, Malta's entry Vodka sung by the hot and fabulous Morena (who is known as a "mediterranean volcano"!), Estonia's Leto Svet by Kreisiraadio (which has a bit of Serbian, German and Finnish!), and who wouldn't like Ireland's Dustin the Turkey with Irelande Douze Pointe (that Eurodance beat in that song sounds a bit Serbian to me, don't you think?)!

But here's the song I think will win!


Dominik Hennig said...

Boaz Mauda from Israel was simply the Best!!!

Anonymous said...

EUROVISION - a pathetic intercourse of corporat einterests, ethnic and so-called democratic nationalism

Fuck Eurovision shit

Anonymous said...

What was that thing on her head?

Balkan Ⓐnarchist said...

Extended ponytail, methinks!

Anonymous said...

It looked big enough to be hiding the pony!

Anonymous said...

About time you got your broadband connection!